Virtual Trunk Show

Hello quilters, my name is Peter Byrne. I am a National and International award-winning, published modern quilter and teacher with a deep passion for innovation and design.

My strength is maintaining a fresh approach to quilting, with original designs and technical mastery. My goal is innovation, my passion is creativity and I am thrilled to have opportunities to share my work within the quilting community.

I’m presently offering a Virtual Trunk Show called “Behind the Seams” with Peter Byrne.

The presentation includes over 350 slides, taking viewers through my own personal quilting journey. In total, I share over 20 quilts and going virtual has allowed me to include “how to” pictures of my quilt making process, along with close ups of every quilt!

We start by having a look at my experience of winning “Best in Show” and “Best Machine Quilting Frameless” at QuiltCon 2020 and I welcome everyone in, to have a look at my awesome sewing studio!

We move forward to 2017, when I became a full time student of the craft and joined the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild to further my quilting ambitions. I walk you through my quilts made in 2017 and 2018 as I practised and developed my quilting skills, followed by sharing the spotlight at Quilts at the Creek.

We then have a close look at my quilts made in 2019 and 2020, when I decided to start making quilts specifically for juried shows. I share my experience at Quilt Canada 2021 and my quilts from the same year and then have a look at my current work from 2021 and 2022.

We then finish the show with a quick overview of my current workshops. This is a fast paced, pre-recorded 48 minute presentation, followed by a question and answer period!

The fee for my Virtual Trunk Show is $400, all in.

Here are all the places you can find me!

Please feel free to email me at with further inquiries! Thank you so much for your consideration!


Instagram @petersquilts

You can find me on Facebook under Peter Byrne

I invite you to check out my website at

Here’s a list of Guilds I have presented my Trunk Show for! Please feel free to contact any guilds listed below for a reference! Cheers, Peter Byrne!

– Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild

– Frazer Valley Modern Quilt Guild

– Ancaster Quilters Guild

– Maple Leaf Quilters Guild

– Halton Hills Quilt Guild

– Friendship Star Quilters

– Oxford Quilters Guild

– QuiltCo.

– Grand Quilt Guild

– Victoria Modern Quilt Guild

– Bluewater Quilters Guild

– Pieceful Patchers of the Park

– Twilight Quilters Guild of Northfolk County

– Mayne Island Quilters Guild

– Mountain Cabin Quilt Guild

– Grouse Mountain Day Quilters Guild

– Saskatoon Quilters Guild

– Moriane Quilt Guild

– Austin Modern Quilt Guild

– Ventura Modern Quilt Guild

– Victoria Quilters Guild

– York Heritage Quilters Guild

– Lakeshore Quilters Guild

– Bloomington Normal Modern Quilt

– Arnprior District Quilters Guild

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