Virtual Trunk Show

Hello quilters, my name is Peter Byrne. I am an international award-winning, published modern quilter and teacher with a deep passion for innovation and design.

My strength is maintaining a fresh approach to quilting, with original designs and technical mastery. My goal is innovation, my passion is creativity and I am thrilled to have opportunities to share my work within the quilting community.

I’m presently offering a Virtual Trunk Show called “Behind the Seams” with Peter Byrne.

The presentation includes over 350 slides, taking viewers through my own personal quilting journey. In total, I share 22 quilts and going virtual has allowed me to include “how to” pictures of my quilt making process, along with close ups of every quilt!

We start by having a look at my experience of winning “Best in Show” and “Best Machine Quilting Frameless” at QuiltCon 2020. I welcome everyone in, to have a look at my sewing studio and then we go all the way back to 2009 and view the first two quilts I made.

We move forward to 2017, when I became a full time student of the craft and joined the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild to further my quilting experience. I walk you through my quilts made in 2017 and 2018 as I practised and developed my quilting skills, followed by sharing the spotlight at Quilts at the Creek.

We then have a close look at my quilts made in 2019, when I decided to start making quilts specifically for juried shows and finish the show with all of my current work from 2020, and 2021. This is a fast paced, pre-recorded 45 minute presentation, followed by a question and answer period!

The fee for my Virtual Trunk Show is $350, all in.

Here are all the places you can find me!

Please feel free to email me at with further inquiries! Thank you so much for your consideration!


Instagram @petersquilts & @hoverquilting.

You can find me on Facebook under Peter Byrne

I invite you to check out my website at

Here’s a list of the last 20 Guilds, I have presented my Trunk Show for! Please feel free to contact any guilds listed below for a reference! Cheers, Peter Byrne!

1) Friendship Star Quilters – June 7th – 2021

2) Oxford Quilters Guild – May 6th – 2021

3) QuiltCo. – April 12th – 2021

4) Grand Quilt Guild – April 14th – 2021

5) Victoria Modern Quilt Guild – April 15th – 2021

6) Bluewater Quilters Guild – April 19th – 2021

7) Pieceful Patchers of the Park – April 21st – 2021

8) Twilight Quilters Guild of Northfolk County – March 8th – 2021

9) Mayne Island Quilters Guild – March 9th – 2021

10) Mountain Cabin Quilt Guild – March 17th – 2021

11) Grouse Mountain Day Quilters Guild – March 18th – 2021

12) Saskatoon Quilters Guild – March 22nd – 2021

13) Moriane Quilt Guild – February 3rd – 2021

14) Austin Modern Quilt Guild – February 4th – 2021

15) Ventura Modern Quilt Guild – February 8th – 2021

16) Victoria Quilters Guild – February 9th – 2021

17) York Heritage Quilters Guild – February 16th – 2021

18) Lakeshore Quilters Guild – February 23rd – 2021

19) Bloomington Normal Modern Quilt – January 26th – 2021

20) Arnprior District Quilters Guild – January 27th -0 2021

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