About Me

I am a published, National & International award-winning modern quilter and teacher with a deep passion for innovation and design. My strength is maintaining a fresh approach to quilting, with original designs and technical mastery.

My goal is innovation, my passion is creativity and I am thrilled to have opportunities to share new techniques within the quilting community.

After 25 years working as a stylist and salon owner I retired, and then had the time to explore new creative outlets. I bought a sewing machine, and quilting quickly became my passion and my community. In 2017, I joined the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild to expand my quilting experience, and in 2018 I taught quilting at a local sewing school in Toronto.

In the classroom I value creating a supportive atmosphere, and have taught all levels of quilters, from beginners to advanced students. My students describe me as being positive, caring, knowledgeable and well-organized, but most of all an incredibly patient teacher.

I was honoured to be a featured artist at Quilts at the Creek 2019.

One of my loves is ruler work quilting. click here to see a close-up of some recent work. Since my quilts often feature a lot of negative space, I love the surprise viewers have when they approach my quilts and see the complex patterns with which I have filled these spaces.

Below are some images of my first quilt I made. I gathered cotton shirts from my friends, cut them up into squares and rectangles and fell in love with the process of sewing them back together. I taught myself to quilt, without any lessons or books. I just started making quilts, which is why this quilt was tied- I knew nothing about actually quilting a quilt, or binding, or that such a thing as batting existed!

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