String, Flower Garden Quilt

Hello folks, I am so very thrilled and honoured to announce my String, Flower Garden Quilt has been juried into Quilt Canada 2021 happening Virtually on June 17th -19th!

Exciting news! I’m presenting Hover-quilting – A Fresh Look at Raw – Edge Appliqué at The Celebration of Quilting in Canada!

Join me for this special event happening on June 19th starting at 6:15pm EST. I’m the Saturday Night closer!

Please support Quilt Canada this year. This show is vital to our Quilting Community!

I was honoured to have String juried into QuiltCon Together, 2021!

String, Flower Garden Quilt is a large quilt measures 80 inches wide and 88 inches tall and honours the tradition and beauty of English Paper Pieced, Flower Garden Block, but with a innovative twist and modern aesthetic.

The overall composition allows for a supportive use of negative space and clear view of the various techniques used, including free motion quilting, ruler work quilting, stitch in the ditch and topstitch quilting used to Appliqué in place and create the “Strings” of half flower garden blocks.

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