Roe vs Wade

Roe vs Wade has been juried into, and hung at Quilt Canada 2021!

This colourful and interactive word quilt is called Roe v Wade. To follow along, and understand it’s relevant message, please Google Roe v Wade and open in Wikipedia.

My draw towards innovation, coupled with my interest in civic and human rights and desire to do a different take on a word quilt, lead me to design Roe vs Wade. This quilt contains 750, 3 inch curved units, measures 75 inches wide and 90 inches tall and was made using the Hover-quilting technique.

In place of using actual letters and numbers, I assigned each letter of the alphabet and numbers 0 through 9 a different colour of fabric to spell out a message I felt spoke to our time and my concerns about reproductive rights for women.

Using colour in place of text, this quilt spells out Roe vs Wade as defined in Wikipedia.

Under the Trump administration law makers have become emboldened, eroding a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion free from excessive government restriction. This has to stop. The decision whether or not to bear a child is central to a women’s life, to her wellbeing and dignity. This should be her decision alone.

The Roe vs Wade Quilt was made to unite women and help promote positive conversation and positive change. Please share this post for support with all women and supportive men in your community/province/state/territory or country.

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