This diptych was designed and constructed to reflect our lives before and after the arrival of Covid-19. Move the slider to the left and right to view both quilts!

To view more details, click the links below the pictures!

Hello folks, this diptych is titled “Shuttered” and is a representational view of how our lives looked before and after the arrival of Covid 19.

Many businesses, big and small, have fallen through the cracks and shut down, covering their doors and windows with plywood and as the lucky ones reopen, we’ve been introduced to a protective world of plexiglass and face masks.

Tap here to view “Shuttered” Part 1, represents all the beauty in the word that we may have taken for granted, pre-covid. From inviting restaurants to rejuvenating spas and from thought provoking art galleries to attending your favourite community guild meetings.

Tap here to view “Shuttered” Part 2, represents how the view in our neighbourhoods and city’s have changed from boarded up businesses and masked faces along with seeing an abundance of plexiglass dividers allowing us to be together, yet apart.

It has been quite a journey making these two quilts that measure 66 inches wide and 78 inches tall, from selecting the contrasting colours and beautiful super sheer fabrics to designing a new block not seen before called “The 9 Cabin”. Then making two intricate quilt tops only to be cut up and put back together using the @hoverquilting appliqué technique.

Followed by countless hours of quilting the orange peel and plaid designs and the final step of covering the quilt with super sheer, beautiful fabrics representing plywood, plexiglass and face masks. There are so many complex layers to this exhibit, I look forward to the day when you can view “Shuttered” up close and in person!

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