Hello folks, Peter Byrne here with exciting news!

Zoom, Hover-quilting Inspiration Workshops are now available! Check out upcoming dates under Calendar.

I’m pleased to announce, I’m presenting, “Hover Quilting – A Fresh Look at Raw-Edge Appliqué” at The Celebration of Quilting in Canada happening June 17-19, 2021!

Join me for this special event happening on June 19th starting at 6:15pm, EST ! I’m the Saturday night closer!

Please support Quilt Canada this year. This show is vital to our Quilting Community.

I’m also very pleased to announce Pathways has been published in the 11th issue of Curated Quilts Journal, and is showcased in The Appliqué Gallery!

Pathways Hover-quilt measures 90 inches wide and 100 inches long and contains 1,440 half square triangles, and was constructed using the Hover-quilting technique.

Pathways Hover-Quilt

Hover-quilting is a form of raw edge appliqué, absent of fusible-web. This innovative technique produces not only a beautiful controlled frayed edge, but also creates the illusion of your piecing to hover above the quilt top. Zoom in and have a close look at the texture created with this new technique!

I’m so very pleased my Hover-quilting Kits have been made with Colorworks Premium Solids from Northcott Fabric and include beautiful prints from Northcott’s Artisan Spirit Collection called “Shimmer” and have been paired with Cherrywood Hand Dyed Fabrics.

Kits are available with your choice of a black background or a white background. View pictures of the Hover-quilt mini students make while attending this workshop under “Workshops”.

Kits include a spool of 60wt Perfect Cotton-Plus thread, no-slip ruler, soft-blend batting and a Foundational Products Card all from Quilters Select, along with The ABC Pocket Guild from SCHMETZ needles!

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