This quilt is titled Appeal and features the orange peel motif!

Appeal is my 5th hover-quilt and is my all time favourite quilt I have every made. Appeal has never been in a big quilt shows or won a ribbons, and I could not be more happy. This quilt makes me feel like its the first time I’ve ever made a quilt for its maker, to keep just for me. It’s like the other 24 quilts on my bedroom selves don’t even existed.

To get this quilt started I pieced together these colourful orange peel units and auditioned two different background colours and ended up going with white. After making my quilt sandwich, I sewed a 5 inch grid to help keep everything lined up.

I then pinned and glue basted the entire design in place, and then did all of the quilting. To remove the glue baste, I washed Appeal in warm water and tumbled dried on medium heat which created the beautiful-soft frayed edge that is signature within hover-quilting construction.

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