Starring You

Starring You win’s BEST IN SHOW at QuiltCon 2020!

Starring You win’s an Award of Excellence for BEST Machine Quilting Frameless at Quilt Canada 2021!

Starring You has been showcased in Curated Quilts, 10th issue, in The Black and White Gallery!

Starring You measures 75 inches wide and 90 inches tall.

I feel the love put into making a quilt is Starring You. As artist we strive to do our best every time we design, construct and present our work. You could say the quilts you share with your friends at guild, or hang in your local quilt show is Starring You as you present your best work bringing beauty to the world of quilting, one thoughtfully handcrafted creation at a time.

Working within a modern aesthetic, I choose high contrast fabric for visual interest. I limited my colour palette to black and white to bring attention to the large graphic, yet striking minimal design from which exudes a bold sense of masculine energy.

I arranged 5 diamond shaped units together to form the partial star and took the remaining 3 units and cut them up into 90 pieces. I used turned edge appliqué as it provides the greatest freedom of composition in creating the explosive star burst.

The expansive negative space is densely quilted with a variety of custom, hand guided quilting motifs. To highlight the large graphic design and add definition throughout the quilting, I used a heavy weight black thread to create the large circles, stars, double ended arrows and boarders that frame the asymmetrical design.

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