Here are some comments from people who have attended my workshops:

Marg K of “Basement Buddy’s Sewing Group” Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

I have been a traditional quilter for many years. In 2019 and 2020, I had the opportunity to do two workshops presented by modern quilter/instructor, Peter Byrne. I enjoyed the Hover-Quilting Workshop and the Cityscape Improv Workshop equally.

The workshops were well organized as Peter provided step by step instructions which allowed our group to move along at the same pace. Peter was very patient, spoke clearly, and was very helpful along the way.

For me it was so exciting and inspiring to be learning new techniques and concepts of modern quilting. I love my finished mini quilts and have one on a side table in my living room and the second one is hanging in my family room! Happy quilting!

Claudia C of “The Etobicoke Quilting Guild”. Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada.

I had the pleasure of participating in a workshop that Peter Byrne presented to our guild, The Etobicoke Quilters Guild, based on his Cityscape quilt. Peter’s Quilts constantly amaze me, in the way that he balances form and technical precision with the expressive use of colour and value.

His designs are always both organized and exciting, and that’s not an easy balance to achieve, in quilting or in life! Much to my delight, his teaching style in the workshop showed the same balance between conveying technical skills and encouraging creative expression. He was extremely well prepared, supplying us with kits that included everything we needed, including clearly written step-by-step instructions. These were supplemented by ample “hands-on” demonstrations of each technique.

Peter started the workshop by explaining to the whole group how to use his approach to improvisational piecing, and then gave us the opportunity to dive in and start. As we worked, he talked with each of us individually, generously providing supportive encouragement and advise. As we completed each step, he explained the next step in constructing and quilting the piece using his modern quilting techniques.

I was especially impressed by his ability to support each of us in working at our own pace, while still feeling connected to the group. His instruction was clear enough to give us confidence to start, and his encouragement along the way inspired us to feel free to try new things and make our own design decisions as we went.

This meet the needs of the different personalities of workshop participants: For those who wanted step-by-step instructions to “recreate” his design, the instructions were given. For those of us who wanted to start with instructions and then fly with them, Peter gave us ample space and encouragement to do so. I came away with a small piece that I love, that I will use as a pillow cover or wall hanging. But more importantly for me, the workshop inspired a whole new set of ideas to try in future quilts, along with the confidence that I now know some techniques to translate those ideas into reality.

Peter was delightfully relaxed and supportive to all the participants in the workshop. What can I say about a workshop presenter who brings chocolates to boost everyone’s spirits!!! The Etobicoke Quilt Guild has booked Peter for another workshops next year, and can’t wait till then! Thank you, Peter!

 Suzanne P of “Basement Buddy’s Sewing Group” Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada.

I had the pleasure of taking a workshop titled “Cityscape Improv” from Peter Byrne recently. Peter is so talented, so knowledgeable in all things to do with quilting. All of us, from beginners to advanced quilters, learned a lot from this workshop.

As an instructor, he was very well organized and provided all of us with a copy of his Cityscape Improv Handbook. Within the kits, our fabric was all measured and Pre-Cut for us. Peter gave us instructions to get started then as we progressed through our work, he brought us together to give further instructions. He also circulated to make sure none of us fell behind the group.

The pace of the workshop was such that we all completed our project by day’s end. As a retired teacher myself and someone who is fairly new to quilting, I look for a teacher who is approachable, personable and patient. Peter is all those things and more. At lunch break, he showed us some of his quilts which were simply exquisite. I recommend his workshops to anyone who is interested in trying something new and different. The man is so creative! All of the “Basement Buddy’s” including myself, went home feeling inspired with new quilting tricks to try! A fun day for all!

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