Lollipops & Ice Cream Cones

This child’s quilt is called Lollipops and Ice Cream Cones

I’d like to gift this quilt to a young child, specifically a child in Australia who has lost everything due to the devastating wildfires we have all seen on the news. I personally don’t know any family’s in Australia who have lost their homes so l need your help.

All l need is the child’s first name, a short paragraph highlighting their personal story and an email address to be able to reach their parent or guardian.

Please forward your entries to or leave a reply below!

All entries are welcomed. Following this, with all expenses covered, I will ship Lollipops and Ice Cream Cones at no cost to the recipient.

A little about the quilt. My quilting time for the month of January was spent designing and creating Lollipops and Ice Cream Cones. This gender neutral quilt measures 60 inches wide and 70 inches long and was constructed using the @hoverquilting technique which creates a beautiful frayed edge; a comforting texture for a child’s quilt.

Lollipops and Ice Cream
Lollipops and Ice Cream

Only the best quality supplies were used while making this quilt. The colourful fabric is a Robert Kaufman digital panel called Effervescent which l felt was not to pink or blue so it would be ideal for a young girl or boy. The edge to edge free motion quilting motifs were created using hand guided rulers and the walking foot.

We have all heard the term “we live in a global village”. Together let’s make this happen and bring new joy into a child’s life in Australia! Please leave your nomination in Comments and share this message of hope with your followers. Thank you for caring and thank you for sharing! Peter Byrne.

9 thoughts on “Lollipops & Ice Cream Cones

  1. This is an incredible quilt. Your heart and generosity in wanting to gift it to a child in Australia is beautiful. You remind me of the generosity and heart shown to all during the Okanagan Mountain Fire and every Canadian disaster since.


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